Navigate the build, precisely

The relationship between source (🏹) and produced binaries (🎯) allows you to easily find what sources are used for what binaries, or what sources are tested in each test.
Test suites are cross-referenced to their Makefiles so you can quickly locate the recipes, the most recent test result, and the affected source code.

Live Testing ⚡

Unit tests are compiled and run as you edit your code. When you hit save, the affected test results are instantly updated, and only the affected unit tests. No time is wasted running irrelevant tests.
Verify the changes in (sub?) seconds, not minutes. Your train of thought is uninterrupted by minutes-long test runs.

Multiple Test Environments

Your self-driving robot works well in sunny weather. But how about rain, or off-road?
Multi-environment testing is typically done at Continuous Integration, but now you can test and debug multiple environments easily, right from VSCode.
You can debug several environments side-by-side, steping through the same test. Quickly compare state between environments.

Test Reports

When testing your project in multiple test environments, get a test report grid that lets you undestand at a glance how isolated or systematic failures are.
The test grid is generated in markdown, so you can cut-and-paste the picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words grid wherever you need it.

Visualise impact before your edit your code

As you open and close source code files, the Test Explorer view updates automatically, filtering the list of displayed tests to show only those that are “in play”, using the “@autotools:applicable” filter.
The impact of your edits is visible at a glance, before you even touch a line of code.
On-boarding new developers is expensive. The “@applicable” filter eliminates the dread of breaking unseen functionality. The filtered Test Explorer will instantly tell new devs what the stakes are, and via Live Testing, allows them nearly instant confirmation of the effect of their changes. This allows your new team members to get up to speed much quicker with your code base.
Banish unintended consequences